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We talk about plastic straws, paper straws… but what about edible ones? Paper straws were conceived as an alternative to plastic straws, but now that there is regular discussion about paper straws and study findings demonstrating they contain harmful chemicals, why don’t we talk about edible options?

Let’s remember the sustainable objectives for which paper straws were created: to be biodegradable, to respect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint. Well, these objectives are also achieved by our Sorbos straws, a creative and sustainable solution, which are an alternative not only to plastic straws, but now, also to paper straws. In addition to being more efficient than paper straws in terms of rigidity (+40 mins in cold and frozen beverages), SORBOS straws also offer an unrivalled experience, since they are completely edible and are available in 12 flavours. They are almost impossible to resist eating before you’ve finished your drink!

Edible straws: the alternative to plastic and paper straws

Our edible straws are designed to be consumed along with the drink they accompany. They are made with natural and edible ingredients, they have a soft texture and at the same time are crunchy, in case you can’t resist biting into them. Additionally, they offer a wide range of flavours including chocolate, orange, tropical, lime, lemon, strawberry, cinnamon, ginger, apple, coffee, vanilla and neutral.

Our eco-friendly mission lies at the heart of everything we do

The approach that steered us to create our edible, non-plastic, zero waste and compostable straws has also led us to actively participate in supporting movements and organizations that promote the adoption of sustainable, respectful and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Collaboration with Ecomar

This association with which we collaborate was created by sailor Theresa Zabell, and works to instill values such as sustainability, respect for the environment and care for the marine environment. In addition, with the sale of Sorbos we have managed to avoid 64,000 kg of plastic going into the sea, mostly from plastic straws.

Support Saving The Amazonas

With this initiative we position ourselves in the fight against environmental deforestation in the Amazon rainforest by contributing to the replanting of trees there, and we also help local indigenous communities for whom this initiative is an opportunity for employment and social development.

Collaboration with the Ramassà Sports Association

Ramassá fights for children’s right to education and their social inclusion, building a training center in Cameroon in collaboration with AYINET and supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

IFS Certified

Here at SORBOS we are always thrilled to receive accolades for our safety standards and we are very grateful to have been accredited with the Highest-Level certification by the IFS (aka International Featured Standard). The IFS is an umbrella brand for globally recognized standards in Food, Logistics, Broker, Packaging, Wholesale / Cash & Carry and Household and Personal Care (HPC). Achieving this level of recognition is testament to the supremely high standards, measures, processes, and practices that we have put in place up until this day, and which we will continue to do with as much passion and pride as we have done since day one.


Every choice we make, big or small, is a powerful act of respect towards our planet and all the forms of life that inhabit it.