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Las mejores recetas para combinar con tus pajitas comestibles


How often have you thought about revamping your cocktail menu? Until recently, we thought that mixology was well and truly over. Flavours from every corner of the world, ingredients that blend perfectly with our cocktail, but hang on… what about the straw? You mean to tell me that no one thought about the straw? At SORBOS, we have completely reinvented the nature of cocktails, elevating them to far more than a mere beverage, playing with the flavour of an element – the straw – that was thus far forgotten. SORBOS has developed the market’s first edible straw.

What do SORBOS edible straws taste like?

Strawberry, lime, lemon, apple, cinnamon, ginger, chocolate or neutral… All of these flavours can accompany your recipes and elevate your mixology to a higher level of sophistication. Given the composition of our biodegradable and edible straws, their flavour will not affect the taste of your cocktail, since the edible straws are designed to maintain their essence up to 40 minutes. This makes edible straws the ideal choice for playing with the flavour that lingers in the mouth when the drink starts to lose its vigour.

Can you think of a long drink that would be perfect paired with a SORBOS ecological straw? We have five options here to elevate your cocktails to another level!

The perfect edible straw for a Manhattan

The Manhattan is one of the world’s finest cocktails. One of its main characteristics is its capacity to release both sweet and bitter flavours, making it a truly effective cocktail and elevating the beverage to the pinnacle of mixology.

With sweet vermouth and whiskey as its main ingredients, it is the ideal choice to combine with a SORBOS biodegradable straw. How about pairing its sweet flavours with a lime-flavoured edible straw? Or perhaps even a strawberry straw?

Try it. You’ll love it!

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Discover the piña colada garnished with eco-friendly straws

The sweet drink par excellence, the piña colada is one of the world’s favourite cocktails, especially on balmy summer nights. Rising to international fame in the 1970s, this long drink showcasing pineapple, rum and coconut has since gained many converts the world over.

Its taste and texture make it the perfect way to round off an evening with friends. But have you ever tried garnishing it with a strawberry-flavoured straw? You’ll elevate its sweet coconut taste to another level.

Daiquiri with citrus-flavoured biodegradable straws

White rum and lemon juice come together in one of the world’s most famous cocktails. The predominant lemony flavour lingers in the mouth with every sip, filling it with a bittersweet taste that dominates the palate.

A Cuban export, the Daiquiri is an ideal beverage to celebrate any occasion, or simply for enjoying a great drink on a night out with friends or after a meal.

Which straw do you think would complement a flavour like this? For us, there’s no question: it has to be the edible lime-flavoured straw!

Which edible straws would you choose for a Negroni?

You’d be forgiven for not having heard of the Negroni but, while not that well known in Spain, it is a very popular cocktail in other parts of the world.

With gin, Campari and vermouth as its three main ingredients, one of the hallmarks of the Negroni is that the three spirits are poured in exactly equal measures in order to create its distinctive taste.

The Negroni is a strong drink with a bitter taste that combines spectacularly with SORBOS edible straws. Do you already know which flavour you would pair with it?

Oh, and one really important thing: when you’ve finished your cocktail, don’t forget to eat your edible straw!

SORBOS edible straws are taking the restaurant industry by storm and revolutionising the cocktail concept as we know it. A vote for SORBOS is a vote for quality and the environment, not to mention innovation and added value.

So, what are you waiting for? Give these revolutionary eco-friendly straws a try! Join the SORBOS revolution!